Stage 1


Select the job offer you are interested in and fill in the candidate’s form.

If your skills and experience meet the requirements for the position, we will contact you regarding the next stage of the recruitment process.

Stage 2


The first interview will be conducted via a phone call. If you prefer, we can arrange a job interview via Viber, WhatsApp or Telegram.

During the interview, we will tell you about:
– the nature of the job offered and the responsibilities that it entails;
– working conditions and wages;
– access to free accommodation;
– documentation required for employment and how to obtain necessary documents.

Stage 3


If your candidacy is accepted, we will offer you a job position and invite you to join our team. Once we have received your final approval, we will initiate the hiring process and the handling of all required paperwork.

If you are from a foreign country, you may need some additional documents, e. g. a visa, documentary proof of qualifications, etc. Our human resources specialists are ready to advise you how to obtain these documents. Prior to your arrival, we will also inform you about the free accommodation assigned to you.


BIOVELA Group is the largest and most modern group of meat processing companies in the Baltics. The company sells 60,000 tonnes of fresh meat and meat products every year. As the market leader in most categories of processed meat, we use the know-how and expertise of our team to ensure the highest quality and the best flavour properties of our products.

With increasing production outputs, we are on the lookout for people to join our team at the production facility in Utena, which has 800 employees working for our group of companies. We can offer positions for all kinds of specialists, regardless of their gender, level of education or nationality.

Who we are?

The largest and most modern meat processing company in the Baltics.
1,300-strong team
Our company has attracted employees from 10 different countries.

Sergei and Daria: we were among the first Ukrainian families who came to work for BIOVELA Group

Sergei: six years ago, like any average Ukrainian family, we were facing a financial crisis and were looking for solutions to improve our situation. Having worked all my life at a mine in Kirov Rog and having some experience working with meat for my father’s business, I became interested in my wife’s offer to try my hand and apply for a vacancy at BIOVELA Group.

Daria: in 2014, we began to think about looking for a job outside of Ukraine. Then I accidentally saw a company’s website on the Internet, which helped Ukrainians find employment in BIOVELA Group. I filled out the questionnaire and two weeks later we were invited to Kyiv to discuss potential work.

Sergei: Despite the fact that my wife had no experience working at a meat-processing plant, we really wanted to go together and, when talking with the employer, we found out that this was not a problem. The company supported us. They agreed to train my wife and provide us with a separate housing. We became one of the first married couples who got a job at this plant. Later, many families from Ukraine took advantage of the same opportunity.

Daria: Before coming to Lithuania, I had no experience working with meat, so it was a little difficult to adapt. But the team helped me a lot. Here, everyone is interested in your success, so everyone trained and supported me until I gradually caught up. The entire process of learning and adaptation took me three months.

Sergei: I would like to note that we are fully employed here. We are being granted a full vacation and sick leave, which are formalized and paid officially. In addition, we are allowed to visit our home country every six months, which is a definite plus. I must say that not every company provides this option.

Daria: As an employer, BIOVELA Group is a caring and responsible company that is always ready to negotiate and treats difficult situations with understanding. For example, if you urgently need to go home for some reason, you will be granted a vacation, and you will be able to return to work even after a long absence. We have been working in Lithuania for three years now and do not regret our decision. This is the merit of BIOVELA Group.

Svetlana: For me, BIOVELA Group is a place that provides good income and takes care of its employees.

My story with BIOVELA Group started two years ago. I heard about this company from acquaintances and decided to give it a try. I applied through an intermediary, and was offered a job as a meat trimmer. It was a great opportunity to apply my experience because I had previously worked at a meat-processing plant in the Sumy Oblast.

If you do not have the experience necessary for working at a meat-processing plant, this will not be a problem: a special training program is provided for beginners. You will be gradually taught everything you need and will be helped to adapt, because this company really cares about its employees.

In general, the company offers many work options. BIOVELA Group is a rather flexible employer who is always ready to meet halfway. Do not be afraid that the process of employment and relocation will be long and complicated, because the company’s personnel department will explain everything in detail and, perhaps, even offer a better salary than the one that was offered when applying through an intermediary. They will also help you with paperwork as well as support you during the employment procedures. In my case, they helped me collect all the necessary documents in the course of a month. As a result, I was able to get a long-term visa for a year, which can then be extended for another two years if necessary.

Having experience of working in other European countries, I can say that working in Lithuania is much more comfortable and financial conditions here are more attractive. As an employer, BIOVELA offers good conditions: free housing, two meals a day on working days, paid vacation and sick leave. At production site, sanitary standards are strictly observed, so it is safe to work even during quarantine.

Do you have any questions? Contact us

Our human resources specialists are ready to answer any questions you may have about our company, the position you are interested in or the recruitment process.

Frequently asked questions

Our production facility is based in Utena, location address: Pramonės g. 4, LT-28216, 100 kilometres from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius.

The slaughter group works according to the 4/3 schedule, i. e. four work days and three days off. The length of the shift is 12 hours.

The deboning group works according to the 4/3 schedule, i. e. four work days and three days off. The length of the shift is 12 hours.

We would like to point out that the shift manager may rotate shifts as needed and therefore the shift schedule may be subject to change.

Wages are always paid in a timely manner by the 20th day of the current month by transferring the payment to your bank account registered in Lithuania. Employees get paid twice a month.

If necessary, employees are provided with the opportunity to work additional shifts.

Yes, special work clothing are provided to employees.

Yes, if you are from another city or a foreign country, we will provide you with accommodation free of charge in a worker dormitory in Utena.

Employees are provided with free meals twice per shift.

The dormitory rooms will be shared between two, three, or four people. If you move in with your family, you will share a room with your family members.